Thursday, November 03, 2005

Top 11 Michael Brown E-mails

It strikes me as dirty pool that the press is publishing a handful former FEMA director Michael Brown's personal e-mails in an attempt to make it look like he didn't care about hurricane Kartina or the crisis in New Orleans that followed. I am serious. Imagine if your career were evaluated by a handful of personal e-mails to friends and co-workers about non-work-related subjects. Believe it or not, I know of some people who engage in this. However, if trashing Michael Brown is good for a cheap laugh, I will join in with my top 11 Michael Brown e-mails:

11. I need a good dog-sitter.
10. In my old job, I literally did see a man about a horse.
9. I bought my spiffy new suit at Nordstrom's.
8. Can I go home? I worked almost seven hours today.
7. I found this neat web site that does conservative haikus.
6. I like that site that does the top 11 lists better.
5. I blew off my whole day reading the blogs.
4. Being a presidential crony just isn't as fun as it used to be.
3. If you don't pass this e-mail on to 10 people, bad luck will come your way.
2. Looks like I won't be picking Saints in my upcoming fantasy football draft.
1. I'm too sexy to handle this crisis.


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