Friday, June 17, 2005

There are no “Swiss” Alps

Last night at Keegan’s trivia, the Fraters team (reinforced with the Nihilist and myself) “tied” the team “Fishsticks of Freedom”. The Fishtstick’s team achieved that tie only because they were awarded a point for incorrectly answering that the world’s longest overland tunnel went under Swiss Alps. There is no such mountain range as the Swiss Alps. There is however a mountain range known as the Alps, under part of which passes the Lötschberg tunnel.

According to the authoritative Peakware Index of Mountain Ranges, there is a range called the “Alps” located in Europe. The Alps are often sub-divided into the Eastern Alps, Central Alps, and Western Alps. These are further sub-divided into major chains and massifs such as the “Austrian Alps”, “Graian Alps”, and the “Bernina Alps”, but no Swiss Alps. Yes, there are Alps in Switzerland, but no, there is no mountain range known as the Swiss Alps.

Corrected scores: Fraters: 22, Fishsticks of Freedom: 20

Mr. Berg, tear down that Guinness Pint!


Blogger Chad The Elder said...

Inspirational closing Sis. I have tears in my eyes.

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