Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Our Readers Dis Us

Our readers have overwhelming sided with T-Paw in snubgate, with only 10 of 62 voting that the Governor was not justified in snubbing us. What stings even more is that I cast more than half of the no votes myself. The good news is that most of the yes votes seemed to have been cast on fiscal conservatism grounds (53% worried that the cost of the booze consumed, had we been invited, would have lowered Minnesota’s bond rating).

The 23% who voted that I should just get over the snub will be happy to know that I have. This process was helped along by the revelation that only $200 was spent on booze at the reception. Clearly, we’re not talking top shelf here (especially given that Atomizer isn’t exactly shy about drinking up).

T-Paw has discovered that you get what you pay for. Many of the attendees have now turned on him regarding his proposed cigarette tax increase. For future reference Governor, when we here at NIGP are bought, we stay bought. But upgrade the bar anyway.


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