Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Top 11 Alternate Names for the Center for of the American Experiment

John Hinderaker is the new president of the Center of theAmerican Experiment and big changes seem to be on the horizon for that venerable institution.   Among these, perhaps a name change is in order as well?  If the confusion about the name heard during the King Banaian Radio Show last week is any indication (… for the American Experiment?  … of the American Experiment?), some added clarity could pay big dividends for brand identity.
In that spirit, here are our suggestions for top 11 alternate names:

11)  Center Under the American Experiment (for that panic room feeling)

10)  Center Over the American Experiment (carpet bombing the state with conservative ideas)

9)  Center In But Not Of the American Experiment (assuming Hugh Hewitt and his predatory lawyers can be bought off from copyright infringement litigation)

8)  Center Behind the American Experiment (if they don’t mind the obvious Koch Brothers, puppetmaster ovetones)

7)  Center In Spite of the American Experiment (or just go with “the DFL party”)

6)  Center After the American Experiment (for that fatalistic outlook)

5)  Center Between the American Experiments (slightly more positive)

4)  Center ‘Round the American Experiment (for that folksy vibe, plays well outstate)

3)  Center Regarding the American Experiment (properly bureaucratic sounding for a think tank)

2)  Center Near the American Experiment (more humble, less arrogant)

1)  Center Through the American Experiment (take charge, kick ass tone)


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