Saturday, July 18, 2015

Too Sexy?

The buzz around Hollywood this week is due to the fact that Nikki Reed will be joining the cast of the time travelling show "Sleepy Hollow." She will play historical figure Betsy Ross. According to The Hollywood reporter:

Reed, 27, will play Betsy Ross — yes, the flag-sewing heroine from your history books — but a "sexy" version of the character "with an unsuspecting physical prowess."

I for one think it's about time that we get a "sexy" version of Betsy Ross. In fact, we need more American icons portrayed in sexier manners. Here's out top 11 historical American women who deserve a "sexy" historical makeover. After all, if Caitlin Jenner can be sexy, why can't these broads?

11. Helen Keller
10. Geraldine Ferarro
9.  Margaret Sanger
8.  Molly Pitcher
7.  Bella Abzug
6.  Susan B. Anthony
5.  Eleanor Roosevelt
4.  Carrie Nation
3.  Mary Todd Lincoln
2.  Harriet Tubman
1.  Hillary Rodham Clinton


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