Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nihilist Football Picks: Pro Week 7/College Week 8

Last week I managed to go 2-1 in both the pros and college games, leaving me at 15-6 for my college picks and 9-9 with my pro picks.

This week features a lot of trap games. There are a lot of mismatches that seem too easy. It's best to avoid those games, but according to my rules I need to pick the Minnesota Gophers and Vikings and both are involved in seeming trap games. Some of the other trap games (Badgers & Steelers) are just too hard to resist. On the other hand, the Rams are one of those teams that deserve some consideration due to the massive amount of points they get:

Southern Cal +7 1/2 at Notre Dame
Minnesota +25 vs Nebraska
Wisconsin -7 1/2 at Michigan State

Packers -10 1/2 at Vikings
Rams +12 at Cowboys
Steelers -4 at Cardinals


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