Sunday, January 04, 2009

Vikings - Eagles Live Blog

Earlier, I predicted a Vikings playoff run. I think I'll live blog the first step.

4:26 pm - Moronic Troy Aikman just insinuates that most coaches "wouldn't tolerate Adrian Peterson's fumbling. What a tool.

4:29 - As if we needed him to prove that Troy Aikman is an idiot, Adrian Peterson busts a 40 yard touchdown run. Vikings 7 Eagles 6.

4:40 - Unlike Troy Aikman,'s Bill Simmons is insightful and often funny. I don't think he has much respect for this coaching matchup:

Philly's Andy Reid will be battling former assistant Brad Childress on Sunday in a matchup Peter King described as "teacher vs. pupil." Teacher versus pupil???? That explains everything! Do you think Reid tutored Childress in classes like "Screwing Up a Two-Minute Drill," "Hanging Your QB Out to Dry," "Dumb and Possibly Damaging Field-Goal Attempts," "Idiotic Short-Yardage Calls," "Special Teams Collapses," "How To Blow Your Challenges," "Leaving Yourself With No Timeouts" and "How To Remain Calm As You're Getting Booed By Your Own Fans"?

4:44 - I just checked on Hot Air to see if Cap'n Ed is liveblogging too. He isn't, but he does have an open thread here. Since the master seems to have this covered, my updates will be scarce. Also, I do not feel the need to update for every field goal.

4:48 - I may be in trouble as the Eagles D just picked off a T-Jac pass for a TD. Eagles 16 Vikings 7.

5:00 - A nice Vikings drive makes it Eagles 16 - Vikings 14

5:32 - After considerable thought, I have confirmed that liveblogging is stupid. The fact that it has inhibited my drinking has confirmed this. If the Eagles win, I apologize for my bluster about the Vikings. If not, then I'll probably have to apologize next week. Either way this liveblog is over!


Blogger Sisyphus said...

Where is the one yard pass to Tahi in the first half? It doesn't seem like a Viking game without it.

5:20 PM  
Blogger pikkumatti said...

Unlike the Vikings' Franchise History, Troy Aikman has three Super Bowl rings.

-- from a former MN resident and Vikings fan now living in Dallas

10:33 AM  

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