Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Warning: Avoid This Movie

In my travels this week, I learned that airlines other than Northwest still offer some perks. In addition to free peanuts for coach passengers, Continental offers movies on flights in excess of two hours. Unfortunately, this can be a mixed blessing.

I was recently subjected to an in-flight airing of "Because I Said So." This movie stars Diane Keaton as an overbearing mother and Lauren Graham, Mandy Moore and Piper Perabo as the three daughters whose lives she meddles in. Keaton is mostly concerned with youngest daughter Mandy Moore, who she worries won't find a man. Just to show you how ridiculous this is, this is Mandy Moore:

Anyway, Keaton takes out a personal for Mandy, and Mandy ends up dating two guys who interviewed with her mom. One is approved by Keaton, a rich architect. This goes to show that the writers of this film have never met Atomizer. The other is a, gasp, musician with a kid.

Cliches abound as the mother pushes for the architect while the daughter loves the musician. Of course, this is modern America, so Mandy gets it on with both men. Guess who wins out in the end? Hint: it's not the rich, snobby guy.

Nihilist rating: triple bogey.


Anonymous john f not kerry said...

She's pretty, but she could use a few more cheeseburgers.

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