Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Very Special Nihilist in Golf Pants Post

No, no, not really. We have been a little too serious around here lately, to about the same affect as Power Line attempting to be humorous. But first, just a quick historical post from a book I’m reading on the Mexican War, (“So Far from God, The U.S. War with Mexico 1846-1848”, by John Eisenhower).

Shortly before the onset of the Mexican War, in the spring of 1846, the American and Mexican armies were faced off on opposite sides of the Rio Grande:

“At first the atmosphere was not openly hostile. That afternoon, in fact, the Americans were startled by the sight of young women strolling down to the riverside, disrobing without hesitation, and plunging into the stream, ignoring the numerous spectators on either bank. Some young American officers reacted quickly, plunging in from the American side to join them. The Mexican guards forbade them to cross the center of the river, however, ‘so they returned after kissing their hands to the tawny damsels, which was laughingly returned.’”


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