Friday, April 01, 2005

I've Been Everywhere, Man

Yesterday I took a long overdue break from the work project that consumed March to poke my head in at the Gestapo-mandated smoke-free Keegan's Irish Pub. The crowd reaction was a unanimous, "Where've you been?"

I admit my posting here has been light. But I've been active at other sites, helping improve the internet experience of MOB readers outside the reach of this blog.

Here I am helping the Fraters with a song parody called "The Smoking Ban Can;" think "The Candy Man Can." See if you can guess which verse is mine. Answer: I offered the second bridge, but I really think it's the best part.

Here I am correcting Doug on the finer points of Catholic doctrine regarding euthenasia.

I have been here a little bit, though. Here I am adding a personal insight to Sisyphus' panning of the American version of "The Office."

And finally, here I am giving praise to our leader, the humble and unpretentious John Hinderocker and the rest of his hospitable crew at Powerline. Hurry, I think they might delete this tomorrow.

So if you don't see me here, just look around.


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