Thursday, March 24, 2005

An American Conspiracy

The FOX network, desperate for decent programming, staged an "accident" last night that allowed them to add an extra hour of American Idol to their TV schedules this week.

Normally the program showcases performers in a musical talent contest for one hour on Tuesday nights, then offers a half hour results show each Wednesday. However, this week FOX faked an accident. They purposely displayed the wrong phone numbers to vote for three of the contestants at the end of the Tuesday show. This allowed them to extend the Wednesday show to an hour in the interest of fairness, featuring a re-vote. All voters after the Tuesday show will not be charged the normal fee. Then a half-hour results show will be added Thursday.

I'll grant you that this post is based on conjecture. However, consider that the show that got bumped from FOX's line-up in favor of top rated "Idol" was the awful looking premier of "Life on A Stick," a comedy about a group of teenagers that work at a corn-dog stand in a mall food court. The likely bumped show tomorrow is "Point Pleasant," a show that is likely to be cancelled within weeks. FOX has even removed all references to "Point Pleasant" from their web site.


Blogger Sisyphus said...

I've just scoured Power Line and they have nothing on this scandal. Nihilist in Golf Pants has it first unequivocally. If Power Line ever claims to have broken the American Idol conspiracy, we will go to the Star Tribune with the truth.

11:00 PM  
Blogger R-Five said...

People Magazine had a teaser headline "Why did Mario Vasquez quit?" Turned inside. They didn't know, either. The conspiracy continues!

10:50 PM  

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