Sunday, March 20, 2005

TiVo Blogging: NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament Selection Show

I’ll be live (live on TiVo) blogging the NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament Selection show on ESPN2.

10:01 – Sweet, the Badgers are one of the teams ESPN will have on camera. Oh, I’d love to see them not make it, but I suppose that’s too much to ask for.
10:02 – Number one seeds. Boston College in the East, Denver has to travel to the Northeast, CoCo has to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan (why do they always have first round games in Grand Rapids?). Gophers do get the final number one seed, though they don’t deserve it after this weekend.
10:04 – East region: BU drew North Dakota in the first round and they don’t look very happy about it. The way North Dakota is playing right now, I don’t blame them.
I see no upsets in the East unless maybe North Dakota over BC. Hockey Least is down this year.
10:06 – Jack Parker is still coaching? Actually he’s looking pretty young for a guy with over 700 wins. They keep talking about a BC/BU second round match up, but I don’t see BU getting past the Sioux.
10:11 – West region: Ouch, Gophers play Maine in the first round, re-match of 2002 National Championship game. Number 2 seed Cornell plays Ohio State, I would have rather played OSU than Maine, but the Gophers really didn’t deserve better.
10:12 – Talking about the bizarre Hirsch post-game net charge now. I guess that incident is what you call a cry for help. It’s a shame; Hirsch was having a great year. I hope he gets whatever help he needs.
10:14 – Midwest region: Wisconsin a three seed? They have been in complete collapse for a month. The Badgers play Michigan in a game that I wish both teams could lose, kind of like the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.
10:16 – Interviewing Wisconsin coach Mike Eaves. They should remind him that Kessel is going to the Gophers, heh.
10:21 – Northeast region: Denver has to travel to Amherst, MA, but they get to start out against Bemidji State. No upset there. They will then play Harvard - New Hampshire winner. Write Denver into the Frozen Four right now.
10:26 – Now discussing whether CoCo should have gotten the number one overall seed over Denver. It’s not a ridiculous suggestion, but clearly Denver is number one right now – they proved that in the WCHA tournament.

A pretty good job by the committee, I don’t expect many upsets. WCHA teams receive three of the four number one seeds, as they should. The WCHA is by far the top conference this year, but what’s up with three teams from the Easy AC? Only Cornell is likely to win their first game.

I predict an all WCHA frozen four. In fact, it will mirror the WCHA tourney almost exactly, with Colorado College defeating the Gophers in one semi-final and Denver defeating North Dakota in the other, setting up a replay of the WCHA championship game. However, this time I expect Colorado College to prevail for the national title.


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