Thursday, March 17, 2005

Another Stupid Quiz – Or is it?

It seems that MOB members can’t resist taking quizzes to see what kind of whatever they are. Sandy rounds up some of the MOB results for the Who Would You Be in 1400 A.D. quiz. I did take the quiz, but an aversion to sacrilege (and the Nihilist’s ludditic ban on graphics) kept me from posting the results. But since everyone else is doing it, I may as well post my results. Keep in mind that these quizzes are – probably – meaningless.

You scored 100% Cardinal, 100% Monk, 100% Lady, and 100% Knight

You created heaven and earth and the laws of nature. You believe in smiting your enemies and rewarding those who win your favor. The King serves only if you will it and all others are your servants.

You scored 100% as Cardinal, Monk, Lady, and Knight because you are all powerful and all knowing.

Almost certainly ridiculous, but do you really want to take that chance?


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