Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Couple More Pope Comments

First, the pope is not a "Rock Star." I don't think being a rock star means much these days. Comparing the pope's popularity to that of Elvis is one thing, but these days new rock stars are from relatively obscure new bands like Maroon 5 or are moldy old singers without much talent like John Hoosier Mellonhead.

Second, while it's nice to hear moral religious leaders like Billy Graham or the Dali Lama praise the pope, no one cares what the wicca or the atheists think. I don't believe atheists exist anyway.

Third, to all those who say I cannot be pope, you are wrong. It is not against the rules. Any Catholic male can be pope. If you just say my chances are ridiculously small, you are probably right. It's been over 600 years since a non-cardinal has become pope. But am I a non-cardinal? Even I don't know for sure. Before he died, the pope named one man a cardinal in secret. The term is "In Pectore." Even the In Pectore Cardinal doesn't know he is a cardinal. The pope sometimes does this in regions of the world where totalitarian governments want to stomp out religion and might harm the new cardinal. And I do live in Minnesota.

If I am named pope, I will not go by the name "Nihilist I." I would look to support and complement the work of John Paul II, never would I think of trying to overshadow him. Thereby, I would choose the name "George Ringo I." Come to think of it, maybe the pope is a bit of a rock star.


Blogger Patrick said...

I hate to hop of the nihilistic papal bandwagon here, well was never really on it per say but anyways. When I think obscure, unknown, enthusiastic, young, out-side the box candidates for anything, I immediately think of Gerry Faust. You and I both know how that one turned out. Give the Nigerian dude or the Milan guy thank you very much.

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