Saturday, March 05, 2005

More Idiots Taking "24" Too Seriously

In this post, I derided CAIR (The Council for American - Islamic Relations) for their criticism of the FOX drama "24" due to its portrayal of several terrorist characters as Arabs.

Well, it turns out that the members of CAIR aren't the only people who have a difficult time differentiating between real life and fiction. Check out these entries "2005 - For the Record" page of the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission web site:

The Fox program "24" is dramatic fiction. Nuclear power plants in the United States have redundant safety systems and several very robust physical barriers as well as well-established emergency plans that help ensure people living near these plants are kept safe.

Fox Television's Jan. 31, "24" program airs a plot centered around the use of a "black box" that could remotely operate all 104 U.S. nuclear power plants via the Internet. For the record, there is no such black box or suitcase for controlling nuclear power plants. Control systems at the plants are not accessible via the Internet.
"24" is merely entertaining fiction.

The USNRC must have posted these entries for one of two reasons:
  • A bureaucratic paranoia that the general public is unable to differentiate between reality and fiction.
  • A demonstration that a significant portion of the general public is unable to differentiate between reality and fiction.

Meanwhile, at least one person at can differentiate between fact and fiction and finds this fiction unconvincing:

I just wish I were a fly on the wall in the meeting where they discussed inventing a remote device that could melt down ALL nuclear plants in the US. Uh, does anyone here think this is a bad idea? Any potential for abuse? No, so let's make it a briefcase-sized device and have one dude carry it around.... Uh, maybe not.

For the record, I still find "24" to be an entertaining show and I think this season is probably the best since Season I. However, to the people looking to pick nits, I remind you it's just a TV show.


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