Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Well, there he goes, Randy Moss has apparently been traded to Oakland for the seventh overall pick in the draft, a late round draft pick, and some linebacker. Needless to say, the trade is a disaster. You simply do not trade the best player in the NFL for two draft picks and a middling defender.

Many people have been critical of Randy Moss’s attitude, but greatness is often accompanied by a difficult temperament. If attitude were all important, the Nihilist in Golf Pants would have evicted me from this blog long ago. Unlike the Vikings, NIGP is willing to put up with obnoxious, destructive, and egotistical behavior for game-changing greatness.

You wouldn’t trade Albert Einstein for having a bad hairdo and trying to get his posse into the Institute of Advanced Studies. You wouldn’t trade Sisyphus for, well, for things best left unsaid. Nor should you trade Randy Moss for what boils down to trivialities.

AND ANOTHER THING: So Randy left the field once with two seconds left. Let he who has never left work early throw the first stone.


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