Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Nihilist in Golf Pants Price List

Yes, Nihilist in Golf Pants is for sale, and you’ll be surprised by our reasonable prices! Here is our updated price list. (All prices are per-post)
(D) means we disclose who paid for the post.
(SD) means we disclose who paid for the post, but in such way that most people miss it.
(UD) means that we promise not to disclose who paid for the post, even if it means going to jail.
If you are George Soros, add four zeros to all prices.

We endorse your candidate
(D) ……. $50
(SD) ….. $100
(UD) …. $200

We endorse your opponent
(D) …... $300
(SD) .… $500
(UD) … $1000

Attacks on Nick Coleman
(D) ….. $500
(SD) … $300
(UD) … $10

Attacks on Power Line
(non-NAAPALM members) …. $50
(NAAPALM members) ……….One Beer

Attacks on the Center/Right
(D) …… $350
(SD)….. $500
(UD) … $650

Attacks on the complexity of the tax code
(D) ….. $100
(SD) … $250
(UD) … $500

Attacks on Jimmy Carter … no charge
Attacks on Michael Moore … no charge

PRESIDENT’S DAY SALE! Now through President’s day, 50% off all posts if you are Karl Rove!


Blogger Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

I wish we would have posted that price list last week. I'd have a little more walking around money.

Also, this week only, ad hominem attacks of JB Doubtless are $4.95!

9:59 AM  

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