Friday, February 11, 2005

Memo to Garrison Keillor: BRING IT

Send In the Outsiders

Within 90 minutes of Wednesday's newsflash that Senator Mark Dayton would not seek re-election in 2006, the national press and the political blogs were abuzz with plausible replacements -- the short list included a number of career politicians, but also a handful of Minnesota cultural icons, including Garrison Keillor, Al Franken and Jesse Ventura. Though it seems, as of this writing, Ventura and Franken have opted not to run for senate in 2006, Franken has hinted heavily that he will run in 2008 against Republican Senator Norm Coleman. Garrison Keillor has not yet made an announcement.

Remember this classic Far Side cartoon?

Dryer=the 2006 Minnesota Senate race

Cat=Garrison Keillor


Oh please, oh please...


Blogger Sisyphus said...

I share your desire to see the namer of this blog enter the Senate race. Now that Al Franken has dropped out, Keillor would have the humorless humorist vote all to himself.

11:06 PM  

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