Thursday, February 10, 2005

Memo to Rod Grams: YOU ARE A LOSER!

Rod Grams, you were a good to excellent United States Senator, but more importantly, you were (and continue to be) a horrible United States Senate candidate. My proof is here, you managed only 43% of the vote against one of the weakest candidates in state history. Yes, I know there were factors beyond your control that contributed to your defeat. The Minnesota media played up your adult son’s brushes with the law even as it ignored the antics of Al Gore’s son. But, the media is certainly not going to be any friendlier this time around.

I realize that there is no better place to get your ego stroked than the United State Senate, but your six years of that are OVER! You cannot win; you can only deliver the seat into the hands of the Democrats. We’ve already tried this comeback thing before with Rudy Boschwitz, and we all know that he was trounced by Wellstone by an even larger margin the second time around. I hope the Republican Party has learned its lesson.

We already have a perfectly fine candidate in Mark Kennedy, a Congressman who has been elected from two different districts, the Second Congressional District consisting of SW Minnesota, and the Sixth consisting of central Minnesota. If he falters, or decides not to run, there are several candidates stronger than you out there.

There is a reason that you are the dream Republican candidate of Democratic bloggers. Don’t embarrass yourself any further, pull out now. Tell everyone that you were just joking about running again, and we’ll forget this whole thing happened.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God I checked it tonite, I thought I was alone in my fear of Rod running again. Yeah he got a raw deal from MSM but he did'nt fight. Deer in headlights..
Regards, MG

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think ppl should watch what they say about certain ppl like rod and his son before they get caught up, don't be surprised if karma stricks,, whoever wrote this shit about rod is such a Big ass loser themselves with insecurities they should have because they don't have shit going on in their lives and will never amount to nothing, period. in a heart beat... ugly ppl having hate towords good ppl lmfao

1:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

here's a memo to the author of this blog, stop posting absurd blogs you know nothing about.

1:55 AM  

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