Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Nick’s Analogy

I was so upset with yesterday’s despicable comments by White House budget director Josh Bolten that I actually considered joining the Democratic Party. Then I decided to listen to Nick Coleman’s local Minnesota Air America show.

I admire Nick Coleman as a fellow member of the local economic/political/media elite. That being said, Nick Coleman often makes unfortunate comments. Today on his radio show, he was discussing the budget submitted by the White House. Mr. Coleman feels that the budget unfairly punishes the poor. A paraphrase of the analogy he made:

This budget is like a family saying to its hungry children: we don’t have enough food, but we don’t want to go out and get another job for more revenue, so you’ll just have to go hungry.

No Mr. Coleman, the analogy fails. The Government does not go out and get a job. The government gets its money by confiscating it from the likes of you and me.

A proper analogy for what you want to do would be this: we don’t have enough food, but instead of dropping HBO from our cable, we’re going to knock down Sisyphus and Nick Coleman and steal their wallets.

Lesson learned. No matter how bad the Republicans may seem, never forget that the Democrats are much worse.


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