Sunday, December 19, 2004

A Little Blue Blood

America loves rich snobby guys, who look down there nose at the common man as if he should be tending their garden. Just look at the warm reception given to the campaign of John Kerry. In that spirit, I have invited one of the most elitist bloggers ever to join Nihilist in Golf Pants. He had two conditions for joining me in my quest to become the best blog in America that posts no more than once a week:
  • I had to correct the spelling of Nihilist in the masthead
  • I simply must join him for a round at Augusta National this May

As you can see, I have met the first condition. I assure you I have cleared a weekend in my schedule to meet the second. Therefore, I am pleased to introduce a man so rich he makes Thurston Howell III look like Gilligan. Welcome to the newest member of the Nihilist team, Sisyphus!


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