Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Most Productive Blog on the Web

You may not know this, but Nihilist in Golf Pants is the most productive blog on the internet if you measure the number of links from other bloggers to posts produced. Yet for some strange reason people keep clamoring for more. Commenter Sisyphus asks for:

. . . commentary from Nihlist [sic] in Golf Pants on two recent events: the death of Jacques Derrida and the marriage of Tiger Woods.

I'd say Tiger definitely got the better deal.

All kidding aside, there is one striking parallel to explore. Derrida, if memory serves me correctly, was a pioneer of the philosophy of Deconstructionism. His primary thesis was that because language an imperfect communication form, a listener can never know a speaker's precise intentions. This is something Tiger Woods will learn quickly as a new husband.

When studying Jacques Derrida, it is important not to confuse him with his contemporary, "Curly" Joe DeRita of Three Stooges fame. DeRita was a deconstructionist in his own way, often poking Moe and Larry in the eye, or hitting them with blunt objects.


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I ReAd aLl yUr STufF. U Er A gOoD BloGGer.

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